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TAGALA (Toledo Area Gay and Lesbian Affiliation) started in 1983 as a compilation of existing area organizational newsletters. The combined newsletter included Personal Rights Organization of Toledo’s “the PROgram”, Lavender Triangle’s “Womyn’s Vineline,” and Dignity Toledo’s newsletter. A front page with the TAGALA masthead highlighted upcoming community events.

TAGALA is still published today with over a half dozen organizations contributing copy to the newsletter. This cooperative effort provides a unique newsletter service to participating organizations, as well as the broader gay and lesbian community of Toledo and NW Ohio. TAGALA is funded in part the John Domrose Foundation for Personal Rights.

In November of 2006, 30 people from EqualityToledo and other organizations, including TAGALA volunteers, came together in one room to do strategic planning for the future of the LGBT and allied communities in Northwest Ohio. One result of this strategic planning was the creation of the "Community Resource Committee." The Committee was charged with creating spaces, both virtual and real, where information could be found and fellowship created.

This committee in March of 2007 launched an Internet web portal that functions as the hub for the online presence of the Northwest Ohio LGBT community as well as its straight allies. The site,  www.TAGALAonline.org, offers links to organizations and services that have websites as well as telephone listings and other contact information.








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